We have selected Fisherman’s Harbour Urban Resort as the preferred option for guest accommodation. Of course, there are also other great accommodation suggestions, should you prefer to cover your own accommodation for your trip instead, and our Wedding Planner, Natalie can assist you with any arrangements.

 If you would like to extend your stay to arrive earlier or leave later, Natalie can also arrange this for you at your own expense.

Please RSVP with your details here by 16th August 2019 (Coincidentally, it’s also Flo & Dec’s 3rd year anniversary!)

Flo & Dec tie the knot!

Cindy Chea
Daniel Chea
Joshua Cheok
Lai Im Chew
Philip Chew
Serene Chew
Suan Chin Chew
Teck Chee Chew
Adrian Chua
Andrew Chua
Anne Chua
Arthur Chua
Benjamin Chua
CK Chua
Clara Chua
Colleen Chua
Constance Chua
Declan Chua
Peter Chua
Shirley Chua
William Chua
Natalie Hodgson
Fei Yee Kit
Benedict Kuah
Benjamin Kuah
Brandon Kuah
Bryan Lim
Felicia Lim
Felissa Lim
Fiona Lim
Florencia Lim
Hope Mi
Junie See
Tabita Tanto
Sharon Tjahjadi